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It is so exciting to be launching this blog/website thing tonight! For those of you who are close to me, probably know about my previous not so successful blog that went down over at Weebly. It was a good idea, to begin with, old P & P, (No, not Pick & Pay) but my terribly slow iPad was not helping me host the website properly and my inspiration for the project simply dried up.

But inspiration is back in full swing, and my ever so witty internet writing is back once again and now for good! For those of you who missed me… I missed you too.

The focus for The Bohemian Poet is for me to mainly share my writing, concepts and unpopular opinions about the candy land of a world we live in.

I am so grateful to everyone who has supported my artistic vision throughout the years, you all know who are. (You’re supposed to smile while reading this…) I also want to say special thanks to Chantal Du Toit for designing my killer logo. (You may give her a round of applause silently in your mind.)

An expression is so important and I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to do so. I am too awkward and shy to host a YouTube channel and I’m low key boring so you’d probably turn me off, except if I had to sing of course.

So before I ramble anymore… I would like to share a poem with you. I mean it’s the reason why I called this blog The Bohemian Poet after all. Hopefully, you enjoy my insight and madness.

The following poem is a poem I wrote about somebody who really broke my heart. (Here’s your ten minutes of fame, asshole.) Please note that this is my own work, so if you steal it, I’ll steal your soul.

“When you left for the city, it was like you left for war. And unlike getting news telling me you’re dead, I slowly realized that you were when you told me someone else was in your bed. 

I sat in the pan of the mountains longing for your presence, while you went off drinking from plastic fountains. 

You unravelled my paper, held me in your arms, it felt like home, I can’t 

believe I fell for your charms. 

You unravelled my paper, inspired my mind, got me high in a cloud, the same way you do when I’m not around. 

I’ve released you now. Gone you are. Please just go away far. Ideas and thoughts they crush me now, but not the same way you crushed my heart. 

I hope he’s worth it, because every time I think of you coming back to get me, I just see myself saying no. 

Because if he could replace me for just one night, then why would you want me? It just doesn’t seem right. 

You have the most beautiful face, but the ugliest heart. 

True colours really show, and I’m glad yours did so I can finally let you go. 

You said you were busy back when I was begging you to talk to me. 

Then I left you and you got someone else to fill my shoes.

You’re so shallow. When the Tsunami comes you’ll be the first to drown. And when it does come, I won’t be saving you. I’ll be saving myself.”

Copyright © Douglas Vrey, 2017

So there we have it, thank you for reading. Be sure to check back for more poetry, sarcasm and whatever else you’re supposed to do on a blog…

Yours in Madness.

The Bohemian Poet


Dearest Bohemians.

I felt like writing and simply expressing my thoughts, so I turned to my online diary…

Next week Wednesday, The Bohemian Poet will be turning a year old. It’s been a fantastic ride and I’ve genuinely enjoyed being able to voice my opinions whilst familiarizing myself with basic website management. I’m not going to lie, some of the elements of running your own website can be pretty stressful and certain factors don’t allow me to treat this blog as I would like to, although that is not important.

I am incredibly grateful to those who have followed my links to come and read my news, it really means a lot. I know sometimes I can write the biggest loads of rubbish…

I honestly wish I could have developed more creative content here and posted more regularly, but as a high school student with a lack of time and capital, those sort of goals can be ridiculous to obtain. I am nonetheless still incredibly proud of this blog and all that I have written.

This may seem like a farewell blog, but it really isn’t. The main reason why I am addressing you all is because The Bohemian Poet’s blog plan expires in a few days and that is going to be putting a few limitations on the website. It is unfortunate, but that is sadly how it goes in life… A lot of the time I find myself hustling so hard just to keep the fragments of my dreams alive and it is now taking its toll on me. As a mild perfectionist, I put a helluva lot of pressure on myself to attain to certain things, and at times parts of me die when I see my sculptured Utopia falling to ruins.

I haven’t been writing as much poetry or material for this blog as I intended to a year ago, and so I feel that my niche has expired. Along with school, most of you know that I am constantly reading and trying to find ways to release my music and make my big dream come true but right now MANY doors are closed. I have been working on music here and there, and my craft is certainly improving, but I’m growing tired so I need to reevaluate what is going to work for me and my future.

The Bohemian Poet will remain active and I will perhaps still post now and then, but I will be using more of my time to focus on the way forward with my music and my schooling, as 2019 is going to be a big year for me.

Otherwise, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me and my vision. I may be a little crazy sometimes, but I think I’m onto something.

Remain inspired and keep thinking. x

Yours in Madness.

The Bohemian Poet



Dearest Bohemians

So I’m back with another blog post!

Ever since I was 5 years old, The Sims franchise had a place in my home or rather family computer hard drive… either way, in today’s blog I want to share with you my experience with The Sims, along with some other exciting features such as some of my recent builds as well as tips and hints that you can use to enjoy better gameplay!

I remember my sister Claire begging my dad to buy the You Magazine about 12-13 years ago. In this specific issue of the You Magazine, a demo CD with the Sims 1 came with. Obviously, all of Claire’s other friends in primary school were playing the highly popular video game and she just knew she had to jump at this opportunity. Now, this demo CD was extremely limited. Claire and I could only play in about 4 different houses and let us not even mention what the graphics looked like!


Then one glorious Christmas, dad felt incredibly sorry for my sister and I’s animated lives, that he bought Claire the second instalment in the series, The Sims 2! Please note, that these games were never actually mine but I played just as much, if not more than my sister which kind of made her a bit salty with me. 🙄😅🤣

The Sims 2 was a HUGE advancement, and Claire and I finally felt that we could dig into the game and flesh out the stories of our animated counterparts. We frequently made use of motherlode to indulge our Sims in the most lavish of lifestyles but then again, we somehow always got bored and sought to delete the ladder of the swimming pool. Poor things.

The Sims 2

What I find so hilarious about the Sims 2, is the lack of technology there was in those days! The game was so “large” that it had to be installed over 4 discs! That’s 2004 for you…

P. S. If you still have a hard copy of The Sims 2 and would really like to play it in depth again, you can try messaging The Sims on Facebook and ask them to credit your Origin* account with The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. This includes all the expansion packs and stuff packs. I don’t know if this still works but it was how I managed to get the full game for absolutely free. Besides, who doesn’t love a little bit of nostalgia?

*You would have seen that I put a little star next to Origin. For those of you who don’t know, Origin is a platform where you can buy and download all sorts of games from Electronic Arts, including The Sims or even Battlefield. 

By 2009, Maxis decided it was time for The Sims 3! This was probably the game I played the most in the series. This game was produced really well, and it was so exciting to witness the flexibility with it. A lot of Sims fans on YouTube will say that The Sims 3 is the best game in the series and many still enjoy it as of today! It most certainly delivered whilst developing on concepts that began in The Sims 2. Claire got this game for her 15th birthday and it was the last official game in the Sims series that our father bought. 😂 If you are a Sims fan and would like to grab a copy of The Sims 3, the starter pack from Origin is available for R299.95 which includes the Late Night Expansion Pack as well as the High-End Loft Stuff Pack. Although if you are just looking for the base game, you can find it at for just R139.03

With such a successful series in video gaming, it was expected for The Sims Studio to continue The Sims series. By 2014, my eyes were fixed on the YouTube trailers that announced the latest sequel in the game. The Sims 4 managed to go places where the game has never gone before, and because of this, there was a hefty price tag. I only managed to get my hands on the game last year November when the game was on a 50% Sale. The Sims 4 was just wow! The push and pull concept in Create-A-Sim was just out of this world. I fell in love with the graphics and all the new emotional responses my Sims had.

Although, The Sims 4 faces a lot of criticism from fans who claim that the new instalment of the game is extremely limited compared to the previous instalments. I must confess that it really does lack content and I feel that the Expansion, Game and Stuff Packs are just a little overpriced for some things I feel that should have been included in the base game. Truth is the Sims 4 has gone places where no other Sims game has. The game’s engine is really beautiful, but it does take some time to get used to this new experience. The Sims 4 Standard Edition is currently 50% off at Origin which means it’ll cost you R299.97

Anyways, enough with the history lesson and sales! Let me show you some of my builds from The Sims 4!

First of all, here I am in the Sims form.

10-04-18_8-39-29 PM10-04-18_8-30-21 PM

Here are a couple of photos of a house I built…

A mall I built…

And a Cinema that doubles as a karaoke bar because the Sims doesn’t have Cinemas. 😂

If you would like to download some of these venues from The Sims 4 gallery, my EA account username is SimlishD.

Lastly, I would like to give you some hints and tricks to better gameplay. (These are mostly for The Sims 4.)

To access your cheat bar you press, CTRL + SHIFT + C. A little window will pop up at the top, here is where you’ll type in all sorts of cheats to get the best of your game. Here are some of the cheats I use…

  • motherlode: adds 50 000 simoleons to your family bank account.
  • testingcheatsenabled on: allows you to manipulate your game and Sims to a greater intensity. Most cheats can be accessed by clicking on the mailbox whilst holding down Shift.
  • bb.moveobjects: gives you more freedom to move your objects around in build mode. Combine this with the alt key when your object is selected for even more spacial flexibility.
  • To raise an object, select your object and press Ctrl and then repeatedly hit the 9 key to find your required height. The same can be done to lower an object, just replace the 9 key with the 0 key.

To scale an object up, press the shift key and then repeatedly hit the ] key to find your required size. The same can be done to scale an object down, just replace the ] key with the [ key!

And there we have it, that is my experience with The Sims. It is a game that I have enjoyed many hours of and I look forward to whatever else The Sims Studio has to offer. Hopefully, this post has inspired you as much as this entire series has inspired me and maybe some of you will even install your old games again. Anyways, that’s all from me. Happy Simming!

“Dag Dag” 👋🏻

Yours in Madness.

The Bohemian Poet

Dearest Bohemians

Today 17 years ago, one of the biggest tragedies in American history occurred; 9/11. I was only an 8-month-old baby at the time, so I do not recall anything about the day, but listening to my elders and simply searching the internet I have come to understand swiftly just how awful this event was.

My purpose for this blog post is not to debunk conspiracy theories or blame anyone. This post is my memorial post for the estimated 3000 people who lost their lives today 17 years ago. These people were businessmen and women, cleaners, firefighters, police, dogs, children, parents, brothers and sisters…

Personally, I cannot comprehend what it must have felt like watching an aeroplane fly into a building. Or even worse, how it must’ve felt knowing that just a few floors below your office is a burning aeroplane that has just consumed not only the lives of those on the hijacked planes but also people you just saw that morning. Those people must’ve been filled with so much doubt and insecurity, suffocating not only on smoke but on their puzzled mindsets. You have two choices, either you suffocate to death or you jump out of the building. Either way, today you’re going to die.

Just as the North Tower was hit, those in the South Tower felt that it would be wise to leave their building too. Although, authority at ground zero instructed them firmly that there is already too much traffic across the way and the best thing to do right now is to stay in the building. If only they knew… Not too long after the North tower was hit, the South Tower experienced the very same tragedy within minutes.

Smoke, dust, body parts… It was all over the place. Screaming and fire engine sirens became the song that sung Americans to sleep on this day 17 years ago.

I resonate so deeply with this tragedy and I’d love to do more research into the whole case. One day when I get to visit Manhattan, I’ll make sure I visit the 9/11 memorial site and pay my respects to those who lost their lives.


I leave you with this, we never know when it is our last day on this earth. Make each day count and don’t harbour hatred against your brother for you are not guaranteed the blessing of seeing him tomorrow.

Yours in Madness.

The Bohemian Poet

Dearest Bohemians

It’s so good to back with a new blog post, it certainly has been a while since I last posted.

These last 3 months, in particular, have been a huge challenge. There are people who definitely saw that. Although, I’m extremely grateful to have had the friends and family that were beside me all the way through my struggles.

One of the reasons why I’ve been so irregular on this blog is that I have a huge struggle with data. I consume insane amounts of it because I am quite simply addicted to the internet. I end up spending a lot of money on mobile data and that puts a lot of strain on my relationship with my mom. I am aware that I can set limits etc and learn how to control myself, but that my friends, is a lot easier said than done. For the past two years, this has been a big challenge for me as I’d always give in to my temptation because somehow the world seemed less lonely when I was behind a screen watching a video or liking some lousy Facebook post. Although, for the first time in a very long time, I can confirm that I have not bought any additional data on my cell phone contract for 18 days of this month. I’m really hoping to keep this up, as I feel empowered and I don’t need to let my addictions grab hold of me and ruin my life.

See, I battle with depression and I also suffer from bipolar. I’m undiagnosed, so I do not know which type I am as I have not yet been able to see a psychiatrist. I am aware of the dangers of diagnosing yourself but believe me, this isn’t one of those cases. Suffering from these mental illnesses make normal life increasingly difficult as my moods can affect a lot of my relationships and habits, as seen above. For the first half of 2018, it felt like I was constantly dancing with the devil and fighting a vicious war within myself. I was so lost and afraid. It was darker than my worst nightmare. Things got to the point where my mother had to take me to the doctor to put me on an antidepressant. The doctor is only a GP and I do realize that I will have to seek more specialised help eventually, but since I’ve been on the antidepressant, its really allowed me to see the potential in myself again and finally accomplish the goals that have been staring at me. One thing I also do realize is that the antidepressant does not empower me. I do that on my own, and I do not need a pill to have self-worth and determination!

My mental illness is not something that defines me, but it makes everyday life very difficult. I do apologize to anyone that I’ve offended whilst I was moody or irritated. I am working on it.

Yesterday I handed out 5 of my CVs and I opened up a new bank account, two major goals that I’ve been working towards for a while now. Along with that, I’ve started practising my driving and learning for my learner’s licence. There is hope, even on a bad day.

Remember, mental health is important. If you feel like you are struggling, do not be afraid to talk to someone.

I’d like to thank the following people for being there when I needed you the most. Leané, Khensani, Kiana, Kaylyn, Anne-Mari, Lwamkelo, Sethabile, Kholeka, Maggie, Craig L, Kobus, Johan VH, Richard VR, Steven, Ryan H, Mom, Claire, Dad & Carlin, Mrs Willemse, Mrs Nortje, Mrs Lourens, Mrs Claassen and Mrs Bekker. ❤️

I leave you with the following…

South African Depression and Anxiety Group: 011 234 4837

Depression is also...

Yours in Madness.

The Bohemian Poet

P.S: The post about the Katy Perry show is coming soon. Stay tuned.

Dearest Bohemians.

I have come to share some exciting bits of my past weekend that I’m sure will be cemented into my memory for the rest of my life. On Friday night, the fourth, I went to go watch The Script! Yes, the Irish rock band who are famous for their hits, The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, Superheroes, Breakeven and Rain.

Just looking at the venue from the outside was already building all sorts of excitement from inside me. I then walked into the gates of the arena and I was patted down, my ticket was scanned, and I proceeded past the hoards of people who were getting drinks for the show. It was really happening! The band that had formed an integral part of my personal soundtrack right through my life was in the same building as me.


I then went down a flight of stairs, and walked through one of the doors that lead out onto the floor of the arena. There was a blue haze of stage lights and a welcome from most of today’s pop hits through the speakers.

A couple of minutes passed and soon the house lights went dim and Danny, Mark, Glen and the band were literally behind the stage. They broke out onto the stage with their infectiously popular hit Superheroes and the most beautiful and appropriate stage decor. The very same songs I had become familiar with and had loved from early on were now being played right in front of me. Live! Just imagine feeling the base of those songs roaring through your feet!

The show seemed to fly past. Time really does dissipate when you’re having fun. The encore moment was one of my favourite parts of the show. The crowd screaming “We want more!” most certainly captured my exact thoughts and feelings. To which the guys came back and aptly played “No Good in Goodbyes”. They then finished the show off with a glorious rendition of “Hall of Fame”. 19cac11a-f623-4d06-a48c-cc368e25f238

Personally I’d love to thank the guys from The Script for making such a memorable experience, they really had fantastic crowd control. They each made a grand effort with connecting with the audience, and Danny was just amazing for going to the people in the nosebleeds. Their Irish accents and confetti all over the arena were one of the two greatest highlights of the show for me. As an aspiring musician, it’s so encouraging to see bands like The Script who are so honest and real. It truly makes music even more enjoyable. I feel privileged to be part of this world and to have witnessed this. 85c2f8d0-0dc9-482c-b978-dff97c92fc2d

I most definitely would love to see them again in concert if I get the chance, and maybe one day when I’m producing my own albums and going on concert tours I’ll be fortunate enough to meet the guys from The Script and maybe, just maybe work on a song or two.

Yours in Madness.

The Bohemian Poet


Dearest Bohemians

I neglect this blog far too much to call myself a blogger nonetheless, everyone knows the struggle of the writer. I fortunately seldom get writer’s block, my is problem is simply that I just don’t have data and time.

I sincerely hope that all my readers have been doing well since I last posted. The seasons are starting to change and perhaps our viewpoints too, which is usually good. The months have seriously Marched on… (See what I did there?)

One of the reasons why I chose to post this blog post so early in the morning is because I get night surfer data to use and currently the data struggle has been a little too real for me than what I’m used to. If you’re following the link via WhatsApp you most likely saw my status, “The Bohemian Poet returns after midnight. Stay Tuned!” I just wanted to sound like the M-Net commercial for Batman or something ridiculous. I mean the goal in life is to be your own superhero now isn’t it?

So, the main reason why I got you all awake at ungodly hours is that back in January I was scrolling and horsing around on YouTube when I discovered the following trailer for Love, Simon…

I fell in love with this trailer, and I was thrilled to learn that the movie is based on a book. I then managed to hunt down Simon VS. The Homo-Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli and I began reading… Now if anyone read the blog post, The Need To Read, will understand that I simply neglect books in general due to my shameful disinterest and lack of concentration. Needless to say, (probably due to all my data struggling) I thoroughly enjoyed this book and finished it reasonably quickly. Besides, how could I possibly watch this movie before reading the book?

If you had a look at the trailer you would have met the awkward yet captivating character of Simon Spier. He is quite a balanced boy which is the obvious advantage of having psychologists for parents. He is in his junior year at Creekwood High School, a school with their very own underground Tumblr page of secrets and confessions filled in by students themselves. A post on the creeksecrets Tumblr captivates Simon and leaves him dropping his email address in the comment section to the mysterious person he soon finds out to be “Blue.” Simon and Blue build a friendship via email that doesn’t revolve around their identities as such, but rather on only their true identities as young men.

This book was such a delight for me to read as I found it incredibly relatable. Simon and Blue are the same age as me, so it was enjoyable to be at the same sort of mindset as some of the characters. Becky Albertalli makes an exceptional effort to keep the lingo and phrasing of our time evident in her book, which gives it an overwhelming fresh feel. The humour in this book was just brilliant! As someone who unashamedly uses a lot of curse words, I loved the style of writing that Becky managed to squeeze into the pages of Simon VS. The Homo-Sapiens Agenda.

I give this book 5 Stars, and I totally would recommend it.

The movie seems to be coming out in South Africa towards June, although it has already released in the USA. Perhaps it’ll make its way to Netflix sooner. (I sure hope so!)

What I like about the movie, is that the casting is so diverse. They really made a special effort to cast more black people than the average movie and that is so comforting, especially in a teen movie about social issues.

So, if you haven’t got anything to read, make sure you check out Simon VS. The Homo-Sapiens Agenda! Happy Reading…

Yours in Madness.

The Bohemian Poet


Dearest Bohemians.

This is the first time I’m greeting you since school started, but you know how it goes. I don’t get paid to air out my thoughts online and neither is that part of my school curriculum. Anyways, I sincerely hope all my readers have been well. I hope 2018 has been kind to you, and that Y’all have been kinder to yourselves.

This last week was a pretty huge week for me, and not because it was Valentine’s Day on Wednesday. This week is generally a week in which the commercial market tries to sell “love” to us, but for me, love came all on its own. True Love.

Now, in the previous two years, I used to hate Valentine’s Day and I would purposely wear black to school on the day and act as if this stupid, overcommercialized day had no power over me. I found every excuse in the book totally avoid it. But, that gets tiring after a while. As Cynical as I am, I thought I’d rather embrace the day this year. Not to necessarily love someone in particular, but to have fun. All I can say is that that was the best decision. Besides, you’re only 17 once and the time I have to make High School memories is slowly coming to an end.

So how did I have fun on Valentine’s Day?

Well, I bought sweets and cupcakes from my friends who were selling and I sent them to, yours truly… Me. I would have put a picture up of what I got but I have no self-control and I ate it all before I could take any decent pictures.

I also decided to have fun and dress up a little bit… and I got a huge amount of compliments from friends and teachers. So it just shows you, a little bit of effort goes a long way.


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset



And just when you thought I couldn’t get enough of dressing up, I attended the Valentine’s Ball at school with my two best friends Leané and Khensani. It was the first time I’ve been to the Valentine’s Ball in my years of being at the school, and everyone was pleasantly surprised with my dancing capabilities… except the Afrikaans girls. I cannot Sokkie whatsoever. 😬

So in other words, I really had a revolutionist mindset towards Valentine’s Day this week. I didn’t try and find some soul to share the day with but instead, I decided to be more active and involved in the happiness of my friends and my own. I found something great about Valentine’s Day, and for me, it’s getting to share it with my friends whether I’m in a relationship or not, sending gifts to myself, getting to dress up and dancing on the dancefloor like crazy. Life’s too short to spend hating February the 14th.

Also in other news, Jacob Zuma finally stepped down as the President of South Africa, and although I’m not too concerned with irrelevant politics I count myself fortunate to be alive to witness this.

image1 (2)

On the family front, my grandfather hit a new milestone by reaching 80 years old this last Thursday.

And as of Today, I am now a brother to five with my newest sibling, John Edward Vrey born at 01:27 this morning. May light shine upon him, and all my siblings lives.

So in the week that we celebrate love, I was once again reminded of its true meaning. Family, Friends and God’s guiding hand over our country. I am eternally grateful all the blessings I have and the fact that I have this platform to share it with you all.

Remember to be apart of life. That’s when you really start enjoying it because by being passive you become irrelevant.

Yours in Madness. ♥️️

The Bohemian Poet

Dearest Bohemians.

Ah, the famous line your uncle Bob always tells you when he says goodbye to you at the family reunion… “Don’t do drugs, stay in school.” As cliché as he might sound, it’s the truth. In order to do well in life, you’ve got to lay off the bad stuff and focus on the good so you can prosper and shine bright like Vaseline on someone’s forehead.

Although, attaining to good comes at a price! So on the eve of the new academic year that starts tomorrow here in South Africa, I’m going to give the school-goers some essential tips as to how you can survive 2018, perform your best and avoid as many existential crises as possible.

So I know in my school, there are 3 elements that are evident. These 3 elements all play a role in developing students into holistic individuals that can go out and become something in the world. Those elements are academics, sport and culture.

I recently asked two people that are close to me in school what tips they can give in terms of excelling in these areas. academic

Michaela Erlank, who has placed several times at the top of the top 10 in her grade, gives her 5 tips to academic success.

I’ve never had to put it into words before because😂😂 honestly, studying isn’t fun and I think everyone knows that 😂🤷‍ it’s just a case of being able to create opportunities for yourself after school … like getting into the university of your choice for the degree you want 🤔🤔 and my parents are very supportive, like they never pressurize me to be in Top 10 and they don’t get angry when I don’t do well on a test or whatever 🤔😂 and on top of that, my friend group helps to motivate me, because we all like to do well at school (not that I use them for their smarts) but it never hurts to surround yourself with people who have ambition 💪💪😂 so I guess that would be 3 things already:

1. Focus on your future. (even though it sounds cheesy)

2. Don’t be unrealistic about your goals.

3. Surround yourself with people who motivate you. And another huge thing is :

4. Plan your time efficiently.

5. Still, find time to do things you enjoy. (because I love reading and life would not be fun for me without books) 😂😂 

A bonus tip… is to find what study method works for you, because we all have different ways of retaining information🤔🤔😂 suppose you could get all of these tips from an LO book 😂🤷‍

Storm Sinclair, who is part of their school’s 2018 1st Team Girl’s Hockey, and has been awarded player of the match countless times before, shares their tips as to how they maintain good sportsmanship on the field.

“Field Hockey has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s a way for me to get all my frustrations out but it’s also a way for me to have a good time with my teammates. In a sport like Hockey you need teamwork otherwise, the dream just doesn’t work. Having good relationships with your teammates not only improves the game, but it’s also a great way to make friends. Your team is with you throughout the season, it really makes everything horrible if everyone has a disagreement all the time. Compromising is key and overall trust in your teammates will guarantee a great season.
Of course, there is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’, but your individual skill does matter. “Practice makes perfect” is a line I’ve heard many times throughout my years playing hockey, and it is definitely true. If you ever find yourself struggling to master a trick or simply just getting fit and ready for the season, get a buddy you trust – or you can go to your coach – someone you know will help you improve on things that need improving, or if you can’t, search things on YouTube! It has definitely saved me a few times. Of course, practice is there so that you can work on things, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time, practising at home definitely does not go to waste!”

For the last element of school life, I guess I could give you my own advice as to how you can flourish as a Culture Vulture.

My advice to you is, don’t be afraid. Other people in school always tend to treat the actors, singers and speakers like they’re a bit crazy. Some are going to laugh, but when you do decide to get up on that stage, take pride and show them what’s been brewing inside. (Even though it feels like your left ventricle is about to explode from your heart beating so fast.) 

Always make room for criticism, and realize that there will always be somebody who’s better than you and that is okay. Never lose love and passion for what you do, for singing, acting and speaking all require a different part of yourself that some never explore. Never become too arrogant and always appreciate the gift you have. Remember, once you achieve success, let that become your new zero or starting point. Then you can start at the bottom each time, but raise the roof once you’re finished. Let that be a continual cycle. 

Scout out the older students in your school who you know are really involved with culture. Go talk to them, ask them how they do what they do, and how they build their technique. They’ve usually been under good counsel from great teachers and coaches, so I’m sure they can help you in learning how to calm your nerves, memorize that line better or hit that really high note. Remember, the culture side of the school is always nicer when you have friends that can share the stage with you.

Along with all these tips, I’d like to share with you all a poem I wrote not too long ago about drugs and the consequence of choosing to partake in that lifestyle. I thought the poem is actually quite appropriate for this blog post’s title.

So, here it is…

“I’m poor and I’m broke and yes I do coke. 

No, not the type you drink with your friends, but the type that takes you round the town’s bends.

Deliver me Satan I snort it, it’s 3 am again and I’m short it. 

I’m a toxic child you know, out of dungeons my weeds grow. Stop pretending my walk of life is something you know. You know it all.

Are you just going to stand back and watch me fall? Too late, today my child began to crawl.

Sniff, snuff, snort. Oh damn, I just got caught. Not red-handed by the cops, but by the Lord Almighty whose humanly sentences he justly full stops.” 

Copyright © Douglas Vrey, 2018

So without making this blog post any longer, I’d just like to wish all my school going readers a successful and bright year ahead. Let’s kick the procrastination, bad attitude and unwillingness to learn, and welcome in a mindset of renewal and contentment within ourselves to attain great results. I’m wishing you all the best for the new year, and I sincerely hope you reach all your goals.

And remember, “don’t do drugs, stay in school”

Yours in Madness.

The Bohemian Poet

Dearest Bohemians.

I want to share with you all a little piece of irony… So I have this blog, and I casually invite you all to come have a read and see what I’m up to. I’m so grateful for all the support and admiration I get from you. It really means a lot, but today I’m going to share a confession with you all.

I don’t read! Well, not very much.

I know, atrocious. I really wish I could, and I so badly want to be that bibliophile that own tons of books, reads all day, has a fantastic vocabulary and sense of grammar. Unfortunately, I get so bored with reading material, and I really struggle to find things that interest me. I do have some really great books on my shelf and on my Kindle that I’ve read and loved, but it’s an amount far too little for a writer.

My biggest struggle is concentration. That’s what often forces my mind to wander off to Utopia. That then leaves me neglecting a book, and so many good authors. This issue is so bad that I fall asleep in class when reading the set book, and that sort of attitude isn’t mine or one I want to continue. I love books, but…

So it’s my goal to start reading more, to allow me to write better. If you as Bohemians have any advice or recommendations on books to read, that I won’t neglect, contact me and I’d love to hear from you. You can also drop me a mail at

Currently, I am divulging very slowly, for the second time, through The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. So hopefully I’ll finish it soon and be a writer ready to take inspiration.

I know it’s been a while since I last included a poem of my own in a blog post. I mean that’s what I’m supposed to be doing here… bohemian POET, but I am still working on concepts and what not. I still want to get back to the two poem idea’s I got from my Capturing Emotions Project request. You can have a look at that over here.

Just pretend all this is poetry. 😉

Also, a special shoutout to Cameron Foster. He edited the image at the top of the post. He also has a YouTube Channel that you should check out.

Yours in Madness.

The Bohemian Poet