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Dearest Bohemians.

It’s been a while since I last posted, mainly due to the fact that I’ve been insanely busy this week with all sorts of uncertainty popping up. Even so, I decided to brave Black Friday, and I ended up getting a new tablet for school, which was worth the craze. So that was my silver lining to my rather grey cloud, and it has been serving a rather odd metaphor for everything else. Think of it this way… yes I may have been running from ATM to ATM, having to deal with insane queues and noise, but I still got something for a good price. Perhaps we can look at the rat race lives we live, and all the drama we experience. It can really get to a person, much like a long queue can but in the end, a lesson is learnt and a goal is achieved.

I actually had plans to write this post last night, but here it is today… The Bohemian Poet does not disappoint. 😉 Like I said, things have been really busy lately, and I’m working very hard to fight off the self-doubt and anxiety that is trying to slip in. A collection of rather interesting cards have been dealt for me, and I have no choice but to face the situations head on. This is difficult, not only for me as an individual but as an artist too. I think I’m just being shown the state of humanity once again, and its constant theme is deterioration. At the same time, I’m met with a sense of relief. Like I can finally breathe after being underwater for so long. I’m surprisingly staying quite calm and positive which is good for a control freak like myself. A lot of the time we find ourselves in situations that aren’t necessarily easy. I’ve always wanted to run away from them (One of my hidden talents.) but that only makes issues a lot worse, and the truth is it’ll all catch up with you later. You have a choice with your F. E. A. R.  You can Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise.

I even have this playlist on my Apple Music with “Runaway songs” for when I’m feeling mopey. Them being…

  • Gypsy by Lady Gaga
  • Runaway by Ed Sheeran
  • Runaway (U & I) by Galantis
  • Chasing Pavements by Adele

Those are the few I can remember 🙂 Although these songs sort of encourage running away, they usually cure my desire to get on a plane and forget everyone’s name. (I’m actually writing a song that has a similar concept, with a good friend of mine.)

So now that we know that running away is pretty useless, how about you read this interesting little piece that I wrote back when I was in Grade 9… (It’s also called Running Away, so original!)

“Sometimes I feel like running away… So far away from where no one lives or better, breathes. Where it’s quiet and cold and the snow eats all the sound away. I want to hide in a little cabin and drink coffee… Perhaps read a book. Should I punish my lover and take him along to this bittersweet world? Maybe it would be better there; where social ideas are far from us. It wouldn’t matter what we wore or how we wore it. All that would be important is our protection. The protection of our souls from this commercialized world that we’re running away from. We would feel at peace; a calmness and serenity would surround us.

Honestly, sometimes I do in fact feel like doing that. Renting out a cabin with a fresh and serene feel inside. I’ve just gotten so tired of the marketed lifestyle I live, and the best part is, I don’t even stay in a city.

If I have to escape from society...I feel as a young adolescent that this generic lifestyle that so many youngsters are exposed to, not only confuses them but makes them think in a box. Some are happy to live the “hamster-wheel life” but I know that’s not what I want for myself or my future family. 

I know it’s something that will always be there, right until the end. All I’m asking for is a month of isolation. Isolation from people who have made empty and meaningless lives for themselves. All I want to do is read books, play board games, write and play music, and talk. I want to talk so much that my mouth feels heavy. I don’t want just mere cheap chit-chat. I want intellectual discussions about stars and planets, controversies and lies, sex and even pies. I want to play with my soul and see how deep my inner galaxy is.

Sometimes I feel like an old soul, perhaps I am. Yes, I have that naive element in me, as any normal teenager would, but I just seem to see everything differently. I carry myself in a different poise to all the rest. My situations and circumstances have brought me over some heavy emotions, so I guess that’s why I have this mentality. Or possibly it has something to do with my star sign; Capricorn. Known for their hence, capricious nature. I must admit I am a rather concealed person, I do have a warmer side but that is only reserved for those who can reflect my sincerity. 

Maybe I’m missing the point, oddly enough I don’t think so though. See! I’m always at a constant paradox with myself. The example of I am but I’m not, usually stands strong in my head and is the idea that all other paradoxes revolve around inside of me. I’m ridden with paradoxes. It’s like an incurable disease that I’m going to die of one day. So then what do I do? Let this disease eat me and poison my soul until I spit out my last breath, or do I grab it by the neck and watch it beg for mercy? The thing is maybe paradoxes are good. Maybe I’m the disease, trying to kill my conscience. I’m so violent with my poor innocent conscience. The poor thing… Perhaps it also needs a month of isolation in a cabin too.  We all need a break sometimes, don’t we? One cannot carry on pouring from an empty cup, so in my opinion, you really need to enjoy the small simple things, like a warm cup of coffee and a book after a long day at school or work. Even if that book and coffee is the only thing that comes close to your cabin isolation idea. Hold onto that precious time. It is seldom found in this fast-paced world we live in.

One thing to remember, what is right may not always be popular and was is popular may not always be right.” 

Copyright © Douglas Vrey, 2017

Listen to little me over there, I didn’t have as much personal growth then as I do now, but I think I was onto something. We need a break, people! The circuits are tired and so I am quite honestly. At least there are vices that help us get through the dark days, and whether it be weed or a chocolate that’s your own prerogative.

On another note, I have two entries for the Capturing Emotions Project, where I write poems about the emotions my readers find difficult to express, such as bitterness or bliss. I’ll have to be honest in saying that I haven’t begun with the two poem concepts, but I will get to work on them this week.

Speaking of which, The Bohemian Poet will be 100% offline this week as I am in Normandien, with no internet service, for the week. That will give me perfect opportunity to get to writing some more material and become more inspired. So stay tuned for that!

And Lastly, I’ve done some more research into making this website better and more efficient for my readers, by adding my SEO details to Google and maintaining all sorts of plug-ins. So far The Bohemian Poet has a rating of 6/10 from Nibbler and 51/100 from Ryte. I’m still working very hard to make this website successful and interactive so that our community of Bohemians can grow.

Keep well my fellow Bohemians, it’s difficult out there. But we’re mad so what does it matter! Outwit them!

Yours in Madness.

The Bohemian Poet


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