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Dear Bohemians.

So I am back online now. My week away in Normandien was really what I needed. I got to detox from all my social media, and I ended up making amends to a few mistakes I had made. I got closer to my musical family (The NKZN Youth Choir of 2018) and I saw some rather wonderful landscapes and scenery, something you don’t quite get back at home. I also managed to write more poems to keep my readers engaged and I can’t wait to show you it all. I’m still trying to recover my voice and my sleeping schedule, but I really do miss everyone from camp. I also have a friend who sadly won’t be returning to the choir next year.

IMG_5103 I wrote a poem on his behalf that I’ll be sharing within the next few days. I must say that I feel very proud of my fellow choristers, these last few days of singing, sleeping and eating on repeat was by far the most memorable experience, because of the magic we made between those three things. I built a lot of new friendships and I must say, never underestimate a junior. Words simply cannot explain all the amazing things that happened this week. Beautiful harmonies and good friends are enough to cure any brokenness and after all, it’s those very same harmonies that make you teary-eyed and give you goosebumps that shiver down your spine.

I also became an uncle on Tuesday this last week to my little niece, Grace Emily. She is really such a little perfection. There is no denying that there is a higher power looking after us all, when you see a little person so perfectly moulded.

I’m not going to keep this post too long as I am very tired and I’m still trying to catch up on a helluva lot of responsibilities.

IMG_5108 (1)


So here is today’s poem…

“I said I’m sorry today, and if I solved a worry, I guess that’s okay.

His face may have been bright, but he doesn’t know what’s in sight. Pity he didn’t think I was worth the fight.

I feel lighter now. Cheaper, no. But I’ve got to grow… 


And I finally can. Just a note, don’t test the crazy man.”

Copyright © Douglas Vrey, 2017 

I just want to say a big thank you to the people that provided me with the images in this blog post. Credit: Amy Holmes, Gerrit Scheepers, and Michelle Volschenk.

Yours in Madness.

The Bohemian Poet


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