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Dearest Bohemians.

This is the first time I’m greeting you since school started, but you know how it goes. I don’t get paid to air out my thoughts online and neither is that part of my school curriculum. Anyways, I sincerely hope all my readers have been well. I hope 2018 has been kind to you, and that Y’all have been kinder to yourselves.

This last week was a pretty huge week for me, and not because it was Valentine’s Day on Wednesday. This week is generally a week in which the commercial market tries to sell “love” to us, but for me, love came all on its own. True Love.

Now, in the previous two years, I used to hate Valentine’s Day and I would purposely wear black to school on the day and act as if this stupid, overcommercialized day had no power over me. I found every excuse in the book totally avoid it. But, that gets tiring after a while. As Cynical as I am, I thought I’d rather embrace the day this year. Not to necessarily love someone in particular, but to have fun. All I can say is that that was the best decision. Besides, you’re only 17 once and the time I have to make High School memories is slowly coming to an end.

So how did I have fun on Valentine’s Day?

Well, I bought sweets and cupcakes from my friends who were selling and I sent them to, yours truly… Me. I would have put a picture up of what I got but I have no self-control and I ate it all before I could take any decent pictures.

I also decided to have fun and dress up a little bit… and I got a huge amount of compliments from friends and teachers. So it just shows you, a little bit of effort goes a long way.


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And just when you thought I couldn’t get enough of dressing up, I attended the Valentine’s Ball at school with my two best friends Leané and Khensani. It was the first time I’ve been to the Valentine’s Ball in my years of being at the school, and everyone was pleasantly surprised with my dancing capabilities… except the Afrikaans girls. I cannot Sokkie whatsoever. 😬

So in other words, I really had a revolutionist mindset towards Valentine’s Day this week. I didn’t try and find some soul to share the day with but instead, I decided to be more active and involved in the happiness of my friends and my own. I found something great about Valentine’s Day, and for me, it’s getting to share it with my friends whether I’m in a relationship or not, sending gifts to myself, getting to dress up and dancing on the dancefloor like crazy. Life’s too short to spend hating February the 14th.

Also in other news, Jacob Zuma finally stepped down as the President of South Africa, and although I’m not too concerned with irrelevant politics I count myself fortunate to be alive to witness this.

image1 (2)

On the family front, my grandfather hit a new milestone by reaching 80 years old this last Thursday.

And as of Today, I am now a brother to five with my newest sibling, John Edward Vrey born at 01:27 this morning. May light shine upon him, and all my siblings lives.

So in the week that we celebrate love, I was once again reminded of its true meaning. Family, Friends and God’s guiding hand over our country. I am eternally grateful all the blessings I have and the fact that I have this platform to share it with you all.

Remember to be apart of life. That’s when you really start enjoying it because by being passive you become irrelevant.

Yours in Madness. ♥️️

The Bohemian Poet

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